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Sunday, March 19, 2023     Rouse Theatre for the Performing Arts     Columbia, Maryland

Information for Models & Talents

As a Model or Talent, your participation in our show will allow you to:

  • Build teamwork, empathy, and collaboration skills

  • Make new friends and gain life connections with positive, mutually supportive friends

  • Develop your communication skillsimagination, creativity, and concentration

  • Enhance self-awareness, body-awareness, and confidence

  • Practice turn taking, following directions, and working with time limits 

  • Try something new!

Model Requirements:

  • Age 4 and up (unless parent is walking with the child, please inquire)

  • All sizes and heights

  • All abilities and needs

  • All genders/identification types

  • Complete the form at

  • Be sure to upload a picture on the form

Talents Information:

  • Complete the form at

  • Submit a 30-60 second clip of your talent (as an audition) to (make sure the email includes your name, age, and type of talent by December 15 (you will know if you have been selected to perform live at the show by Jan 15, 2023

  • Note: there are limited spots for talents so we are choosing talents based on their audition video

Register for more information online:

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